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To achieve its vision, Homes for People is engaged in a whole of community response. Developing sustainable partnerships across the commercial, community and social sectors is vital to the success of addressing the housing needs and long term well-being of our community.

To develop a sustainable and replicable model, it is essential for Homes for People to:

  • collaborate with mana whenua
  • optimise resource by working together in existing structures
  • source funding primarily from investors, not donors
  • work together with commercial partners in a sustainable manner

Equity Partners

Social Impact Investment with Homes for People

In a similar way to ‘mum and dad bank’ providing a helping hand to children to purchase their first home, Homes for People is developing a model to enable more people in the community to overcome their present barriers to home ownership.

Homes for People provides an opportunity to invest with a blended value return on investment. Equity investors and financial partners receive an extensive social return accompanied by a negotiated financial return. Contributing an investment of around $65,000 will enable us to develop an additional home for our community.

Homes for People has equity partners who are confident of the community benefits and have provided start-up loans to help us achieve our objectives.

Commercial Partners

Commercial sector partnerships enable Homes for People to increase the supply of suitable and affordable homes not currently being developed by the open market.

Sustainable relationships with the commercial sector are being based on ‘cost plus’ supply arrangements and ‘fair market value less discount’ service agreements.

Optimising procurement and personnel resources is key to our viability and success. Trade, Supplier and Professional Service partners allow Homes for People to provide its Affordable Equity and Affordable Rental programmes to low income households.

Pro bono work, along with charitable donations, will enable Homes for People to work with our partners to supply social and emergency accommodation.

Community Partners

Central and local government are the primary stakeholders of social housing initiatives. Homes for People is forming working relationships with them to efficiently access and strategically use land and resources.

Community groups and social sector organisations work with people most affected by housing issues and are well positioned to identify, advocate for, support and work together with residential partners who have been assisted by Homes for People into improved housing environments.

Homes for People is actively exploring partnership opportunities with existing and emerging local community housing providers and social services. These potential partners will allow Homes for People to access wrap-around services for residential partners who would benefit from such support