A Social Enterprise - Delivering Affordable Housing

Homes for People is a social enterprise established as a response to the growing need in our community.

Homes for People is locally managed:

  • Developing "Affordable Homes" for low-income people and households
  • Helping fulfil the Kiwi dream through an "Assisted Homeowner" programme
  • Delivering "Transitional Housing" for homeless people and households
Homes for People provides scalable and sustainable models for Kiwis to partner together to increase the accessibility of homeownership within our community.

Homes for People exists to relieve poverty by developing social and affordable housing to help low-income people and households in our community.

Homes for Sale

While there are currently no homes for sale. Homes for People does have:
  • Homes in our development pipeline
  • Suitable sites undergoing investigation
  • Sites awaiting sufficient funding
Below is a link to our homebuyers registration of interest form:

Recent Developments

Homes for People has completed the development of:

  • 5x 1-Bedroom homes
  • 6x 2-Bedroom homes
These homes have been sold to first homeowners, people downsizing, retained as social housing and part of Homes for People's assisted homeowner programme.


Homes for People is currently going through Design and Consent processes for:

  • Palmerston North - 3x 1-Bedroom, 2x 2-Bedroom
  • Ashhurst - 3x 1-Bedroom, 6x 2-Bedroom, 2x 4-Bedroom, 3x TBC
  • Levin - 2x 2-Bedroom
Investigation of other suitable development sites is ongoing.

Homes for People, as a charitable trust, includes an application process for potential buyers.

Your application will be considered and you will be contacted if you have been shortlisted for an available home. The shortlisted group will be considered by a community advisory panel.
As a charitable trust, we can choose buyers based on aspects such as income, housing need, disability requirements.

We also seek to balance the social dynamics and needs within each of our developments.


From Architectural Design
Courtesy of E3 Architects

Through Construction
NZDF framing up the first Homes for People home
First Homes Completed
Social Impact Investment + Community Partners
= Affordable Housing
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Housing Solutions

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About Us

Homes for People is a charitable trust, established in July 2016, in response to the growing housing need in provincial New Zealand.

We are engaged in a whole of community response, combining Social Impact Investment with commercial and community partnerships to deliver new affordable housing for low-income people and households.

Homes for People homes are designed using principals of urban design with low-maintenance, cost-effective living the desired outcome.

Contact Us

Affordable Housing: 

130 Kaimanawa Street, Palmerston North
Mobile: +64 (0)21 448 408 (Darren)

Transitional Housing: 

632 Pioneer Highway, Palmerston North
Mobile: +64 (0)22 024 3742 (Cheri)

General Inquiries:

Phone: +64 (0)6 352 0098
Email: welcome@homesforpeople.co.nz